The Zac Brown Band Released Two More Singles

The Grammy Award-winning country group Zac Brown Band just keeps churning out new music. They released the single “Same Boat” in June, and now they’ve come out with two more. On July 9, the band released “Out in the Middle” and “Old Love Song.”

“Out in the Middle”

Lead singer Zac Brown loves to sing about country living. After all, one of the group’s most renowned hits, “Chicken Fried,” describes how the simple things in life are some of the best. Because of their affinity for life in the country, they made it even more clear in this single. In this surefire hit, Brown sings about what it’s like, well, out in the middle.

“Out in the middle where the hard work meets hard living. Out in the middle where we’re grown till we’re gone, God willing. Just some good old boys and good old girls, hunting red dirt dreams in a concrete world. Getting by on just a little, out in the middle,” Brown passionately sings in the chorus.

With the single, the Zac Brown Band released a lyric video so listeners can relate even more.

“Old Love Song”

The sound of this song has the trademarked “Zac Brown Band” style. The song is more slower paced than “Out in the Middle” and doesn’t describe life in the country. Instead, they sing about another important part of life, a feeling that everybody wants and strives to get: love.

“‘Old Love Song” is all the songs you fell in love to,” Brown said as he explained what the song was all about. “It’s basically a lot of those titles of those songs formed into sentences that make sense.” As the lyrics are a culmination of all of Brown’s favorite love songs, it’s no wonder why it has such a catchy sound. It’s something that couples want to get up and dance to.

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