Snoh Aalegra Has Us In The Violet Skies With New Album

Last Friday, The contemporary R&B singer/song-writer Snoh Aalegra has dropped her fourth studio project to start her 2021 off right. Snoh now has given us TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIESWith some amazing production and melodies to complement the international star’s smooth vocals.


In addition, Snoh Aalegra has the likes of Pharrell and Tyler, The Creator as features on the 15-track project. The vibe of every song immerses you into a romantic and dreamy place, and you can really feel Snoh in every line. The unexpected drums and beats that come in on most tracks will make you nod your head on cue. 

Songs like “IN YOUR EYES“, “LOST YOU“, and “TANGERINE DREAM” showcase how unique Snoh is in the R&B world. 

This is a smooth and soulful album that carries a consistent feel to chill with. As Snoh pours out her heart all over this thing, I can say it is a really solid album. There are a few songs that could easily be added to a summer, road trip, or break-up playlist.

Snoh Aalegra

The whole album is a constant running sunset and will have you up in the violet skies if you play the whole thing through. The long wait for the album was worth it for fans that have been waiting since 2019.

Snoh Alaegra Has Been Floating For A While

The Iranian-Swedish R&B star was a close protégé of Prince, has spent years capturing her romantic and dreamy sound. Snoh has been training her whole life to be a singer and in 2017 she hit it big on the radar with FEELS. Her most recent project before TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES was ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’ featuring her most popular song to date on it “I Want You Around“.

Although Snoh hasn’t announced any upcoming events, be on the lookout for her to pop up a lot more. And remember, for all the news about the artists you love and those you should know, check in with MusicDaily!


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