JAWNY Tells A Story With New EP

Last Friday indie Pop-Rocker, JAWNY, released an EP that shows and tells a story of him stepping into his potential. The Story Of Hugo is a six-song project that really highlights the artist’s range as he takes a new approach.

Jawny press by Alex Free

The upbeat and in-your-face EP contains some of JAWNY’s best hits like “Best Thing” and “Take It Back“. As voiceovers play in-between the fast-paced tracks, JAWNY goes through a slew of emotions with his music. From talking about having to change his style for the label, falling out of love, and jealousy.

JAWNY Story Of Hugo

As we hear The Story Of Hugo we all can relate to having to get over someone and focus on the better things. As JAWNY dances through the genres of rock, pop, indie, and more, while revealing a part of himself. Almost every song is easy to sway with or nod to, and there are also some gems that will for sure continue that summer vibe.

The Story Of JAWNY

After his 2019 single, “Honeypie” blew up, the California native began to see recognition. Later on, in 2020, JAWNY would end up signing a deal with Interscope Records.

From there, he made his major-label debut with the mixtape For Abby in late October 2020. The 10-track studio album didn’t get the young artist too much traction but it certainly wasn’t a bad start.

It seems like more and more people with an unapologetically punk sound are treading, JAWNY is no different. His brash and unpolished sound make him stand out, and his talent isn’t going unnoticed.

And now that things are slowly opening back up JAWNY is ready to hit the stage. Right after dropping his EP, he took to Twitter to announce his first headline tour. The up-and-coming star plans to kick things off with an appearance at Lollapalooza at end of this month.

From there, JAWNY will start touring in November of this year and tickets are available now! 

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