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The Weeknd’s “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” From ‘Avatar’

The Weeknd
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The Weeknd sings the cinematic lead single “Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength)” from the original motion picture soundtrack for Avatar: The Way Of Water. 

The film’s trailer released on December 7 featuring a snippet of the anthemic single. “Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength)” arrives one day prior to the worldwide premiere of the film, on December 15.  

“Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength)”

The Weeknd’s entrancing vocals teased in the trailer created excitement around the soundtrack for Avatar: The Way Of Water. Produced by Swedish House Mafia and Simon Franglen, the single from Abel Tesfaye or The Weeknd creates anticipation for the film. Indeed, “Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength)” takes you on a theatrical journey with a suspenseful yet gradual build-up. The unexpected drop explodes at one minute and 30 seconds in.

The Weeknd Sings About Death, Life And Strength

Further, the intensity of the instrumental matches the thematic lyrics about death, life, and strength. “I know that if I die, my only choice is still defending / No matter what they say / My love for you is greater than their powers / And their armies from above,” Tesfaye sings on “Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength).”

The dark lyrics written by the Weeknd, signify his undying love for this person. They give him resilience in the midst of battle. He offers them his protection, even in the afterlife. And he patiently awaits her the day he sees them again. The singer believes “death’s a gift” because it means he will be with his lover. “If I die, if I stay / Give me strength / I’m with you either way / Nothing’s lost, no more pain / Just give me strength,” he belts in the chorus. 

“Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength)” is a powerful ode to The Weeknd’s lover. The track plays during the credits of Avatar: The Way Of Water. With the sound of this track, the film is sure to leave people on the edge of their seats. 

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