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Quinnie Drops Her “Silver” Christmas Singles

After the success of “touch tank,” quinnie drops her two Christmas singles “Silver Bells” and “Silver Second.”

“Silver Second” And “Silver Bells”

“Silver second” and “Silver Bells” by quinnie are the type of songs to listen on a cozy Sunday afternoon.

Presented in the Christmas EP thank you wisdom angel i love you, they are the embodiment of the holiday magic. While at the same time, the singles maintain quinnie’s characteristic traits. In fact, they still are personal both conceptually and musically. The tracks have a cuddling rhythm to relax on and drink hot chocolate to while snow is falling. The silver duo are a fresh re-imagination and production of the typical Christmas hits.

‘thank you wisdom angel i love you’ By Quinnie

The cover of the EP thank you wisdom angel i love you by quinnie finds inspiration from Dr. Masaru Emotions art. The Japanese artist and pseudoscientist, claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. Indeed, through experiments involving water and music, he worked on different experiences. Exposing glasses of water to various words, pictures or music, and then freezing the water, he noticed that the frozen crystals under a microscope would change. Masaru’s experiments aren’t always supported or believed to be trustworthy, but quinnie distanced herself from disbelievers. She writes:

“The cover art and title inspired by the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, in which water molecules were exposed to different conditions, frozen, and then observed under a microscope. pristine, crystalline patterns were created when the water was told pleasant things and played beautiful music, such as the these snowflakes told “thank you”, “wisdom”, “angel” and “i love you”. many are skeptical of this experiment, but i think its so beautiful and want to believe!”

“Silver Second”

quinnie wrote the song thinking about her family, and the importance Christmas has for her and her relatives. Since the beginning of her career, the artist has been having a hard time being at home for long periods with her family. In a statement, she explains that “now that I don’t get to be around my family as much as i used to, the yearly checkpoint of the holidays always makes me potently aware of the passage of time.” Discussing this realization of the importance of family and changes, she writes:

“its the awareness that the tiny changes we go thru are much trickier to observe when experienced on a daily basis, but quite drastic when you zoom out. its the peace of knowing that the unconditional warmth of your family still waits for you at home, despite all your tiny changes. when life grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you and reminds you to be as present as you possibly can be around those you love.”

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