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The Weeknd Released New Music for “The Idol” Episode 3

Credit: Kayla Johnson from Seattle, United States

The Idol is at its third episode, and The Weeknd is releasing new music for the show basically every week. But first, let’s talk about the series. The Weeknd’s TV project has been really criticized for its explicit content and images. Protagonists of these scenes are mostly Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) and Tedros (The Weeknd) and their toxic relationship.

The Idol‘s Story

Tedros is the mysterious owner of a night club in LA and somehow has some really big connections in the music industry.  Jocelyn, on the other hand, is a teen idol, with a lot of demons in her head because of her past. The series plays on this thin relationship of needs, showing continuously the sexual tension of the two as well as Tedros’ sick/perverse provocations on Jocelyn. And, in a way, she kind of needs him. Because the people around her don’t really care about her, she hides an armor of insecurity. She and Tedros both need something from the other one. And after three episodes, this theme is still not very clear.

Not a lack, we think, but the smart move of Sam Levinson and The Weeknd to feed curiosity around the series. It’s the same process The Weeknd uses with his music. Tedros is his fictional character, and The Weeknd is Abel Tesfaye’s musical character. An entertainer born to be discussed.

A New Musical Path Coming Soon?

With episode 3, The Weeknd has also released new tracks “A Lesser Man” and Take Me Back.” Plus another one, “Get It B4” by Moses Sumney, who plays Tedros’s right hand man, Izaak, in the show. Both tracks are really ambient, and go in a different directions from the usual works of the Canadian artist.

We don’t know if The Idol means that The Weeknd will take another musical path from the one we’re used to. But one thing is for sure – Toronto’s wonderkid has never been better. He now has both the means and the possibilities to say what he wants. And we can tell he definitely doesn’t want to waste this chance. 

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