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La Cruz is the Gay Reggaetonero Going Viral

Omar Apollo tweeted his approval: "I f*ck with this vibe."

La Cruz is a rising gay reggaetonero forever changing the straight-dominated genre led by Bad Bunny, Maluma and Rauw Alejandro. As clips of his steamy music video for “QUÍTATE LA ROPA” made rounds on gay Twitter, Omar Apollo worked up a big sweat, applauding the rising star.

(As the English-translated title reads, “Take Off Your Clothes,” the amount of chiseled topless dancers solely gyrating for two minutes makes sense.)

Born as Alfonso La Cruz, the Venezuelan singer got his big break competing on the television talent program Operación Triunfo. Despite his late start, he was already opening for legends like RKM and Ken-Y at age 15. Currently, La Cruz is pursuing a master’s degree in Music Production, Theory and Marketing.

His music catalogs his experiences as an openly gay artist who experiences love and heartbreak. Much like his last album, Hawaiira, it chronicled much of his dating-life rollercoaster after splitting from his long-term boyfriend. 

“I am one of the first to achieve visibility and that fills me with pride, I hope that at some point people will see it normally. I am happy where I am in my career and I would like the day to come when I am not the only one, when what is happening is completely normal.”

La Cruz tells El Colombiano.

With “Te Conocí Bailando,” his ‘sad boy’ energy transforms into ‘daddy inspiration’ as he dances away the night against an excellent blend of dancehall, rap, traditional Latin rhythms and– of course– grinding.

If La Cruz follows fellow gay reggaetoneros like Mexican-American singer Solomon Ray, there will be countless viral moments and queer bangers in the future.

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