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The Ukainians of Kalush Orchestra Win the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

The Ukrainians of the Kalush Orchestra are the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The band from Ukraine has taken the first place after a race that has never really had doubts about the winner. “Stefania” ranks first, ahead of the two main favourites Sam Ryder, for the United Kingdom, and Chanel, Spain. A victory that, sincerely, has much politics, but it’s all right. The public had already simpatized for the band, and the televoting has confirmed this feeling. “Stefania” was not the best song of the 25 in the final race, as also the media said. But the solidarity, due to the atrocities that are happening in Ukraine, has prevailed.

Maneskin’s performance and much more

Saturday’s final has also seen some guests and special moments, such as Maneskin‘s performance and the medleys of Mika and Laura Pausini. The Maneskin performed their new single “SUPERMODEL,” while the two hosts had their medleys. Laura Pausini, in particular, has sung her successes in 5 different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Just 6th place instead for Italy, the host country. Mahmood and Blanco, which were favourites at the beginning of the competition, will console themselves with the best lyrics award. Even worse was the performance of Malik Harris, the representative of Germany. Only 6 points for him, one of the group of the Big Five, and last place of the table. Convince instead the reggaeton of the Spanish Chanel and the kindness of Amanda Tenfjord, Greece. Third and eighth place for them, but deserved more. Surely two of the best music proposals of this Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

ESC 2023: many doubts about it

The members of the Kalush Orchestra are now back in Ukraine, after the standing ovations of the public of Turin. Who knows the future location of the ESC 2023. Indeed, it’s hard to think that Ukraine will host next year’s edition, given their current conditions. Many countries already offered to host the festival (Spain, Italy, Poland, UK and Sweden), but the Ukrainian president said he’d like to host it in the city of Mariupol.

We’ll see what happens, we all hope this is gonna be a real possibility. Especially for Ukrainians lives, ’cause music has to take a back seat.

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