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The Sounds of Encanto

The Sounds of Encanto

Disney’s newest movie “Encanto” is as enchanting, as it is nuanced. The same could be said for the film’s soundtrack. The soundtrack has cemented itself as a Disney Classic, taking the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. It’s no wonder. The songs stay on your lips days after your first listen, their meanings creeping up on you suddenly, changing the weight of the words on your tongue. “Encanto” tells a story of family, not shying away from the rough edges of the word. The film’s songs act as testimonials from each of the characters, explaining at once their love for their family, as well as the trauma that comes along with that love.

Surface Pressure 

Luisa is the family’s rock. Given the power of super strength, and as the oldest sibling in her family, Luisa is under a lot of pressure to protect her younger siblings. In her song, she speaks of this pressure, all the while, saving her younger sister from flying rocks and icebergs. She sings of “under the surface” feelings admitting “I’m pretty sure I’m worthless / if I cannot be of service.” Alongside her younger sister Mirabel, we get a glimpse at the underlying pressures and trauma that older siblings tend to have when living in an unhealthy family dynamic. 

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What Else Can I Do? 

Isabela is the family’s flower. Given the power to make the world beautiful, Isabela feels as much pressure as her sister Luisa. Except, instead of feeling the need to protect, she feels the need to be perfect. She limits herself, out of fear of not being perfect, stifling her creativity and happiness. Which she lets herself explore in “What Else Can I Do?” She learns that there is so much more to life than pretty and that it is okay not to be perfect. Luisa creates “something sharp / something new / it’s not symmetrical or perfect / But it’s beautiful and it’s mine.” Mirabel witnesses Isabela’s epiphany and in understanding her experience their bond grows stronger. 

Listen to What Else Can I Do?

The “Encanto” soundtrack was up 76 percent this week, Lin-Manual Miranda’s hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” soaring 45 spots to No. 5. For more of the best soundtracks from animated movies check out Music Daily’s “Movies and Animated Movies: The Best Soundtracks”.   


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