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Hozier announces next album “Unreal Unearth” for 2022

The wait is over also for all of us impatient fans of Andrew Hozier-Byrne, publicly simply known as Hozier. The singer and multi-instrumentalist has indeed announced that his next production will be released this year! With incredible hits like Dinner And Diatribes and Take Me To Church on his shoulders, the artist is now ready to begin a new step in his career. And after his most recent appearance with Italian house group Meduza for the song Tell It To My Heart, we can’t wait to hear it!

Hozier musical journey

HozierWith Take Me To Church, the singer found his way to the public. He won multiple awards (including the Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Song). He obtained an incredible consensus and public approval as well. This comes especially from very strong and powerful lyrics such as Take Me To Church and all of his present songs.

The singer is in fact extremely adept with words. Not a single song from his two albums has so far disappointed fans. Both “Hozier” (2014) and “Wastelands, Baby” (2019) are indeed hugely appreciated albums, with more than 2.6 million album units sold (in the U.S) and incredible positions reached in the charts.

These criticize and analyze social issues of extreme importance. This pattern has so far characterized and identified Hozier’s music. Now, we can’t wait to find out if his next release will reflect this peculiarity of challenging social norms.

Another central style factor of the singer is  producing music within the Indie rock, Soul and Folk genres. In fact featuring a guitar-base is typical of his songs. The singer from Bray (Ireland) then completes the song with his powerful and intense voice, sometimes melancholy, which recalls not only pop but also blues.

The announce

After the promise to donate all royalties from his song “Jackboot Jump” to Black Lives Matter, Hozier used his social accounts to announce his new album.

Before the end of the year, the artist announced the upcoming album with a tweet. “Want to wish you all a happy, peaceful and safe end to 2021.” said first the artist. “I’m so grateful for the continued support and I hope I get to thank some of you in person while touring the next chapter… ‘Unreal Unearth’ will start to find its way to your ears next year, come hell or high water.”

The artist also posted some Instagram stories of himself in studio, allegedly recording new music.

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