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The Regrettes Drop “That’s What Makes Me Love You”

Alternative group The Regrettes just released a new single, “That’s What Makes Me Love You.” They dropped the track along with news of an upcoming album, titled Further Joy.

Lydia Night Explains

Frontman Lydia Night explains that the album, “summarized what it meant to be on the hamster wheel of constantly chasing happiness, but in turn, that’s what makes you unhappy. I was stuck in a loop of wanting to be better, wanting to be good, and therefore I couldn’t be here.”

A Pop Combination

“That’s What Makes Me Love You” combines aspects of alternative, pop, and dance. Lydia sings over a breezy melody, her voice complimenting the percussion. The single captures the mixed emotions of relationships. Night sings, “Days pass, now all we do is laugh / Screaming in the grocery store / That’s what makes me love you.” Even with such heavy subject matter in the track, it’s still upbeat and an intruiging listen. According to Night, the album is the “poppiest, and danciest” one they’ve ever made.

Why “That’s What Makes Me Love You” Was Made

The Regrettes seem to lean away from their punk tendencies and towards an alt-pop sound. Fans are raving over the new single, and for good reason. In a press release for Further Joy, it announces the release date of April 8th.    Further on, Night explained the reasoning behind “That’s What Makes Me Love You.” She says, “I was in a dark anxious place and realized that I was becoming very critical of my partner. I got out of that place by realizing, ‘I love this person for exactly who they are and nothing needs to change about who they are or who I am to make each other happy.”

Easygoing Music Video

 The Regrettes also dropped a music video for “That’s What Makes Me Love You.” It plays like a behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot. The video captures the essence of each band member. It’s a fun, entertaining visualization of such an important single.

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