The New Alt Bloom Single Can Mend A Broken Heart

He’s an acoustic guitarist, mellow musician, and soulful indie rocker – he is Alt Bloom.


Alt Bloom’s “Tired” Is Anything But

The more relatable the song is, often the more successful. Alt Bloom continues to hit the nail on the head with that in mind. His new single, “Tired,” is out now and every listener who has ever had a relationship fall through the cracks can understand it’s message. Whether romantic or platonic, love is love, and Alt Bloom understands the depth of it.


“Underneath the bridge I left some tears from my chest’s old kick drum…. Smoke for the times we called love. Never again,” Alt Bloom’s sweet-toned voice sings. His simple acoustic guitar alongside a handful of twinkling piano notes lay under these beautifully heart-wrenching lyrics. This song is quite the intimate one for a single release, but that’s just who Alt Bloom is. (Making it the perfect single for a forthcoming EP.)


In an Instagram reel, the singer shared the full circle process of creating this song. From what it seems like, songwriting is a massive form of catharsis for the star. He explains, “I went through a breakup that I couldn’t get over, so I wrote this song to let go.” Now, he’s encouraging people who need to “heal,” as well, to take a listen to it. 


With that as his goal in mind and the message to his audience, Alt Bloom is just as much of a mentor as he is a performer. Using his art for his own good, as well as a good as others, simply rounds out his talents. 



From Montana Native to Acoustic Frontrunner

Alt Bloom, also known as Ethan Thompson, has made a career out of his feelings and his interest. Mostly, those feelings are based in heartfelt relationships, love, confusion, and break-ups. The interests of his, on the other hand, are rooted in robust acoustic soundscapes. 


One fan who greatly appreciates all of what Alt Bloom does left a heartfelt comment on a lyric video for “Tired.” They wrote, “Alt Bloom, the master musician!! This guy is on the come up so fast. It’s just a matter of time until the whole world knows your name. Stay fresh man.”


Music lovers near and far got on the Alt Bloom craze beginning way back in 2019. One of the singer-songwriter’s first singles, “October Eyes,” blew up on Spotify. With over two million streams on that song alone and almost 200,000 monthly listeners, Alt Bloom is clearly a fan favorite. 


His fans are people who appreciate acoustic stylings and immersive storytelling. His 26 million worldwide streams proves that his ever-growing fan base is larger-than-life. For a larger-than-life storyteller who puts his heart on the line to tell vulnerable, musical tales, it’s truly well deserved. 


This new single, “Tired,” is just one of the highlights of Alt Bloom’s career. It perfectly encapsulates all that he does best on guitar, as a vocalist, and especially as a songwriter. Like he said, if you need to heal, or if you just need some laid back, but emotive music to listen to, “Tired” is for you. 

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