Dove Cameron Gets Steamy On “LazyBaby”

Dove Cameron’s new single “LazyBaby” shows a different side of her and we’re loving it. In the music video, we see the singer rocking black and red hair and wearing tons of glitter.

No More Being The “Good Girl” In “LazyBaby”

“LazyBaby” is definitely something different than what Dove has done in the past. From her Disney days to working on solo projects, the star has been known for being a “good girl” and acting sweet. Now, Dove demonstrates that she is changing the game in “LazyBaby,” which she describes as a “bad bitch anthem.” 

Dove explains that the new song is about not wanting to be with a man who says he loves her, but acts differently as he’d rather spend his time somewhere else. She doesn’t need (or want) anyone lazy. Instead, she wants his full attention.

The song’s mood is “humorous” and Dove has even described it that way herself. The song talks about a past breakup and how she has recovered from it by focusing on herself. “LazyBaby is a powerful song where I can also laugh at it. It’s a funny song. It explains having to re-evaluate a breakup, to be able to deal with it. I’m proud of the relationship I have with myself. I think that’s where things begin and end,” she shared about the song’s concept.

A New Dove Cameron

“This could be heaven and we are taking it for granted”, she shared on Instagram. “I wanted to be aware of this experience, not only personally, but artistically. I knew I wanted to write a song about my breakup and draw a line between who I was before and who I am now,” he concludes in the video.

The end of the music video is getting a lot of attention, though. When Dove is done filming, she then walks “off-camera” to hug her new lover, then is seen kissing him. This is sparking rumors about the singer having a new boyfriend, who was revealed to be fellow artist Alexander 23. “Alexander was actually cast as the love interest in Dove‘s video and they met for the first time on set,” a source told Just Jared. “They’ve been casually dating for the past month and a half, though it’s not official just yet.”

Dove has definitely succeeded in getting attention during this new era. We can’t wait to see what else she’s working on!

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