The Ever-Evolving Mystic of Junior Varsity

Symbolism and mystery are what make up the eclectic musical duo that is Junior Varsity.


Where Did Junior Varsity Even Come From?

On one hand, Junior Varsity are extremely underground and unknown. On the other, they’re global sensations.


This Los Angeles band’s debut single just dropped, but they are far from a new commodity. The group has been in and around the alternative circuit for a handful of years now. Their unique, high-energy sound has proved worthy of LA’s prestigious up-and-coming rock scene. 


As a duo, Junior Varsity made waves all on their own. Punky, hype songs on blood-stained guitars set the stage for mosh pits, but their hazy, mysterious aesthetic says otherwise. A flawless contradiction, this band is full of surprises. Just like the way they popped out of the wood work, their first official release seemingly fell out of the sky. Gracefully, surprisingly, and wonderfully, though.


With little to no promo, “Cold Blood” was still an impeccable debut. Within it’s three minute span, it shows the world what art without limits can sound like – and look like. The power punk track has an equally as evocative music video to accompany it. 


Both the audio and visual elements of “Cold Blood” are immersive and surreal. Junior Varsity’s debut single balances ’90s psych rock with twisted modern dreamscapes. Timeless and genre defying, “Cold Blood” is bold and dizzying.


Aram & Michel: Double Trouble

Being able to bounce ideas off someone can be quite beneficial, but being able to embark on the wildest, off-the-wall, most artistic adventures with someone is even better. Greg Aram and Zach Michel are Junior Varsity because of that.


They are each other’s musical soulmates. The way this pairing works goes without saying – their exponential growth within the music industry happened right outside of it. How? Because they understand each other as musicians and businessmen, which, for them, means throwing concepts at the wall and hoping they stick.


Stick they did, as Aram and Michel built an immense following without dropping a lick of music. Instagram posts, live music snippets, and a slew of innovative shows were their way into the hearts of punk fans. 


That was, until their first studio drop came out this month. Until “Cold Blood,” the duo spent three years building their puzzling, but penetrating career – with nothing more than their sound and their intrigue. That is the importance of having an equally as inventive artist on your side.


Junior Varsity will, without a doubt, grow leaps and bounds now that their partnership-based career has an official launching pad with “Cold Blood.”

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