That Kid Goes Heart-Eyes on New Single ‘Best of Me’

Hyperpop's prodigy child That Kid is starry-eyed and in love on his new single, "Best of Me."

Denver-native hyperpop artist That Kid released the breezy chill-drill single “Best of Me.” Following 2022’s mixtape, Superstar, his new era’s cover art ditches the maximalist Y2K surrealism for an adorable avatar posing on a couch or smooching a virtual hottie. As he pulls some reggae influence similar to Paris Hilton’s “Stars are Blind,” That Kid remains the ultimate twink to beat, especially on “Best of Me.”

In the accompanying music video, That Kid is with his beau in various locations and grainy, colorful, Jersey Shore-esque filters. “All I wanna do is just give you all the best of me,” he says in the chorus. “Look you in the eye, feel your body when you’re sexin’ me / Would you staple gun my heart? / Get me tatted on your arm? / Ocean views to city lights, can I be where you are?”

His Ice Spice colloquialisms hover atop the Jack Laboz production, who recently worked on Gayle’s 2023 EP, a study of the human experience. That Kid previously worked with hyper-pop SoundCloud icons Ms. Cheeseburger and Donatachi to curate his digitally addictive sound—or, as PAPER Magazine coined, “bubblegum-pop-gone-awry.”

Recently, That Kid visited LA’s HEAV3N nightclub alongside Chase Icon and Ayesha Erotica, who is making her first music comeback since 2019. Famed producer Erotica sang Slayyyter and That Kid’s hit collaboration, “Dial Tone,” before announcing new upcoming music with her now-partner Yvncc.

Stream “Best of Me” by That Kid below. Check out Releases on Music Daily.

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