Slayyyter is “Out of Time” in Tantalizing Synth-Pop Single

Pop icon Slayyyter is a looking glass into the future of pop music that displays nothing but a bright future ahead for music lovers.

“Out of Time” Transports Fans Back to 1980’s Pop

Credit: Photo taken from the “Out of Time” visualizer video on YouTube @slayyyter

With her latest drop, “Out of Time,” Slayyyter gives fans a sneak peek into her newest era. The track provides sticky-sweet insight into a reinvented Slayyyter, ready to reemerge and wreak havoc. Her latest single delves into the high risk, high reward music industry that tantalizes artists such as herself:

“She’s got the tricks, she’s got the hits, sees her name in the lights
Heard it before, she’s out the door
Can’t waste any more time, oh”

-Pre-Chorus to “Out of Time”

Backed by electronic drums and a synth dance beat, “Out of Time” is maddeningly transparent despite the upbeat exterior. This rings especially true after learning about Slayyyter’s entrance and approach to music. Whereas some artists sing from an impersonal, out of touch perspective regarding all things fame and fortune, Slayyyter speaks from a place of experience. And therefore, she has created a single that is that much more beautiful, albeit hauntingly real.

Slayyyter’s Rise to Becoming a Pop Staple

To understand the depth of “Out of Time,” it would be beneficial to know who Slayyyter is at the core of her artistry. Her spotify biography provides just enough background to give fans and listeners the insight they need to solidify “Out of Time” as more than a poppy money grab: “[Slayyyter] realized early on that if she was ever going to hear the music of her dreams, she’d have to make it herself. After dropping out of college, she began to record music in her bedroom as Slayyyter, a pseudonym she borrowed from her favorite Dazed and Confused character.” Slayyyter isn’t trying to sell you on fabricated lies and delusions. She’s taking the reins and transcribing her personal experiences into tracks that double as a girl’s diary. And that initiative and drive alone is worth recognizing.

From a self made artist competing in a league that would intimidate even the most affluential artists, Slayyyter has a competitive edge that fans can recognize: she’s real. “Out of Time” is more than mainstream radio cannon fodder. On the contrary, the song is a personal confession hidden amidst 80’s synth, reminiscent of Slayyyter’s favorite pop icons like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Give the track a listen and let us know what you think.

Where to Catch Slayyyter In Summer 2023

For new fans out there who have yet to fall down the disco-covered rabbit hole that is Slayyyter, use this as the sign you need. Stream “Out of Time” and maybe catch Slayyyter near you this summer. Catch the star on her rise to fame and watch her story unfold at the cities listed below:

6/17/23 – Louisville, KY / Kentuckiana Pride Fest
6/18/23 – Chicago, IL / Chicago Pride Fest
6/24/23 – Cincinnati, OH / Cincinnati Pride
7/15/23 – New York City / Boiler Room
7/21/23 – Seattle, WA  / Capitol Hill Block Party
8/6/23 – Vancouver, BC / Happyland Fest
9/22/23 – Las Vegas, NV / Life Is Beautiful Festival

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