December 06, 2022

Tate McRae Delivers “what would you do?”


Canadian pop singer-songwriter Tate McRae released her newest single “what would you do,” following her last “chaotic.”

Tate’s Debut Album is Coming Out Very Soon

Tate has been releasing a lot of new singles lately. Turns out, there’s a great reason for that! The pop star is gearing up for her debut album coming out on May 27 via RCA. You read that right! Her debut album, i used to think i could fly, is coming to us VERY soon.

Some of the songs that the album will include will be familiar to fans. Hit tracks like “feel like shit,” “she’s all i wanna be,” “chaotic,” and “what would you do?” will all for part of it. Additionally, 8 more unreleased tunes are going to be on the album as well, totaling 12 songs.

“what would you do?” Sets The Tone For The Album

“What would you do?” sets the tone perfectly for the highly-awaited album. Keeping the topic of heartbreak, loneliness, and uncertainty, Tate sings about reaching her breaking point in a relationship, and she’s not sure she can stay with that person any longer. “What would you do if I leave and don’t come back? I hope it breaks you in two. If I gave back all the pain that you put me through. What would you do?” she sings in the chorus.

Recently, Tate spoke with Seventeen to talk about her upcoming album. “I feel like I wrote hundreds of songs,” she said. “Deciding which ones were actually gonna make the cut was so brutal for me. I swear to God, my team was gonna chop my head off because I was changing my mind every two seconds. I’m so nervous, I just have no idea how people are gonna receive it. And I think it’s crazy when something so vulnerable and personal gets released into the world because it’s out of your hands. It belongs to the listeners now and that’s really terrifying but exciting.”

Tate is Going All Over the Place This June

Tate is set to make a few festival appearances this June. Starting on June 1, she will stop by Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Mountain View. Then, on June 12, she will go across the pond for her UK and Ireland tour, kicking it off in Manchester for opening night. For a full list of dates and tickets, click here. 



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