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Stephen Sanchez & Ashe Unify On “Missing You”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Stephen Sanchez and folk-pop artist Ashe joined forces for the new single “Missing You.”

Stephen & Ashe – The Collab We Didn’t Know We Needed

“Missing You” is the collaboration we didn’t know we needed! But boy, did we! You might know Stephen Sanchez from his viral hit “Until I Found You,” or Ashe from her sensational song “Moral of the Story.” Both artists are never afraid to show their vulnerability, and always reflect it in their songs. So, when these two come together, we can only expect our hearts to shatter.

“Missing You” is a sweet ballad where Stephen and Ashe contemplate their love for one another. They think about what would happen if they were not together and if the universe would have never made them cross paths. In the end, they share how thankful they are for finding each other in this crazy world. “It don’t have to be tragic, I still wanna have it / There’s no going back to the life that I knew / After one heart is made up from two,” they sing together in the chorus.

They Wrote “Missing You” Together

Additionally Stephen shares, “Ashe is one of the most inspiring artists I’ve ever worked with…Full of such tangible joy, It’s the most fun I’ve had writing a song. She is a powerhouse of a vocalist and a troubadour at heart. A true artist with something to say. As a friend, she makes colors more vibrant and love more true. I am grateful to know her and I am honored to have our words immortalized in song.”

“‘Missing You’ just fell out,” Ashe adds. “The minute Stephen and I got in the room together, he sat down at the piano and sang to me ‘what if the windows flew off all the buildings and I could not see you again,’ and we disappeared into some writing abyss where there was only love and joy, and as cheesy as it sounds, it just wrote itself. Writing with Stephen is a lot like running around a field at night catching ideas like lightning bugs. It connected me to some childlike, beautiful place that I hope to return to again.”

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