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GOON DES GARCONS Is Individualistic And Refreshing

An Introduction To GOON DES GARCONS

Arkansas born artist GOON DES GARCONS soared his way to the top with his stellar vocal and production skills. Rapping since 2013, Garcons eventually scored himself a deal with Def Jam in 2020. 4 EP’s and two studio albums later, GOON DES GARCONS releases his newest full length third LP, the things i’ve seen.

Opening Track, “Purist”

The project opens up with “purist,” characterized by a funky and eccentric beat and bold lyrics. GOON DES GARCONS raps about his superior energy and striking confidence. In the first verse he refers to himself as a “purist.” I believe he is conveying that he is a protector of his own energy and strongly values himself.  And surely, he will not allow anyone to sabotage that. “Energy’s a mirror, I’m the fairest out (The fairest) / A purist, you wish you took a better route,” he raps. 

 “How my idols look me in my face and say, ‘This not it’ / When I just did a show in sixteen states and they was poppin’ / Man, fuck the talk, we’ll go B2B with anybody / They know the boy,” GOON DES GARCONS continues. He is unfazed by others opinions and perceptions of him- even his idols. And the musician does not back down from a rap battle. 

Motivational Lyrics In The things I’ve Seen

This kind of motivation GOON DES GARCONS offers continues in the track “elite (crossover).” He details his party lifestyle but also emphasizes that success is earned through hard work and dedication. “Practice ’til it’s perfect, don’t be nervous, put in work / You gotta earn it, trust me, you deserve it, that’s for sure (Oh, wo) / In and out like every day, you gotta do it for it (Startin’ to see the light at the end of the tunnel).” As long as you are consistent, GARCONS assures you the light will come. And he is proof since he came from nothing.

Relationship Struggles

On the other hand, the rapper opens up about relationship struggles on “labyrinth,” “answer,” and “the things (it in itself).” Despite the conflict and arguments, he keeps going back to this girl. GOON DE GARCONS’ lifestyle is filled with partying and women, causing tension in his relationship. In “answer” the rapper implies his partner doesn’t like his new lifestyle and who he has become as a result. 

Check out the new album by GOON DES GARCONS here. For more Music Daily news stories click here

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