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Stella Smyth Releases Club Banger with “NASCAR” 

Stella Smyth Releases “NASCAR” 

With a pop-ful punch, “NASCAR” is singer-songwriter and producer Stella Smyth’s latest single. “NASCAR” dropped on September 22, 2022, and is the perfect song to bust down some sweet dance moves at the club. The song has intentioned solid lyrics, where Smyth allows an emotional release of her their feelings and thoughts. 


Drive me like NASCAR

Push the pedal on my heart, heart, heart, heart


Stella Smyth is the electro-pop artist you need to keep an eye out for

Self-Produced, Stella Smyth has been on a release train with several EPs, LPs, and singles. With her start on TikTok, she is making a name for herself through her exquisite and introspective hyper-pop. 

In the fall of 2020, the NYU student posted teaser clips of her single, “Bored,” ahead of the release of her album, “Everest.” The song’s chorus, “And in my head I went / Fuck / I-I-I-I was just bored,” became the soundtrack to hundreds of TikTok videos, some positive, but mostly negative. Listeners left hate comments on Smyth’s since-deleted TikTok video where she first promoted the song. 

Despite people’s distaste for the song, “Bored” has since accumulated over 229,000 streams on Spotify. Ultimately, Smyth didn’t mind the negative comments. 

“[It’s] one of the most honest songs I’ve ever fucking written,” she said. “You don’t have to like it, but that means I don’t have to hide any part of myself now.” 

Smyth’s songwriting and production

Smyth’s songwriting and production process are somewhat unconventional. Many songwriters, producers, and artists start with one component — a beat, chords, and melody, or lyrics — before putting everything together. Smyth doesn’t operate like that. 

“I view production and songwriting as one and the same,” she said. “I feel like they both aid each other, and they’re both moving parts of the same organism. I’ll be writing a melody for a synth part or something, and then I’ll hear a melody for the lead vocal.” 

She recently won the Music Forward Foundation’s LGBTQ+ Emerging Artist Award. As a result, she received $10,000, watched H.E.R. perform, and was on the TODAY show. She said she put the money towards new music.  “I filmed three music videos this summer and also got an OP-1, which is in my bag right now,” Smyth said. 

If you enjoy hyper-pop or pop, make sure to give Stella Smyth a listen and go check out her TikTok:


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