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Sorn Plays With “Sharp Objects” on New Single

K-pop artist Sorn is back with her second single since her solo debut. Following up on last year’s “RUN,” she released the fierce track “Sharp Objects.”

Sorn Drops First Solo Single Since CLC Departure

Sorn is mostly known for being a former member of the K-pop girl group CLC, as she recently parted ways with them in November. But now, she is showing the world that she’s here to keep shining, as her new single “Sharp Objects” demonstrates.

Sorn started teasing her solo single on social media first, predominantly on TikTok. This move made fans of the star eager to listen to the artist’s new solo release, and made it clear that her fans will still support her throughout this new era.

“Sharp Objects” is an electro-pop all-English track with a beat that gives off retro vibes. The song talks about how Sorn isn’t afraid to fall in love, no matter how much that person can potentially hurt her in the end.  “Been told this all my life. The heart cuts deeper than a knife. It’s dangerous. But I play with sharp objects,” she sings in the pre-chorus.

“Sharp Objects” is Different Than What She’s Done Before

“‘Sharp Objects’ is an electronic pop song with a very strong synth element,” Sorn told Genius Korea. “What’s special about this song is that it’s very different from things that I have done before in the past. For fans that have been a fan since I was in CLC, they will see a complete 180 change. The music video itself is a very different concept and I think many fans have already seen the teasers that have been released. I’m trying to bring back the hobgoblin days that I had with black lipstick and we tried to incorporate that into the music video as well.”

And she definitely achieved her goal for the music video concept. In the video, we can see Sorn in very dark-giving vibes, performing the song as she walks around a room full of mannequins, representing all the hearts that she could be breaking in the future. 

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