Steinza At White Oak Music Hall + New EP, “Radio Silence” Out Now

In a spontaneous adventure down south, Steinza took to the stage on November 6th in Houston, Texas.

Steinza Takes On Texas

Opening for indie-alt soloist Joe P earlier this month, Steinza captured the attention of all those in attendance at White Oak Music Hall the second he stepped onto the stage. In a short, thirty-minute performance, he displayed authenticity and undeniable talent donned only with an acoustic guitar. Between entertaining stories and frequent crowd interaction, the only complaint from fans was that his set wasn’t any longer.

Steinza, also known as Zachary Stein, was a breath of fresh air on Monday night. Albeit young, Zach demonstrates an on-stage presence that one would think comes from decades of performing. He doesn’t try to be anything that he’s not: a quirky balance of an old soul that translates with his voice, paired with a youthful attitude. It’s this combination that the crowd enjoyed the most. Between narrating Zach’s hydration checks throughout the set to indulging in an entertaining backstory about his track “Christine,” the newly turned fans were immersed from start to finish. Surely, any person in attendance at the venue walked away with one more artist on their daily rotation. And if not, then maybe this EP will change your mind…

New 5-Track EP, Radio Silence Out Now!

Retrieved from artist Instagram @steinzaaa
Retrieved from artist Instagram @steinzaaa

Firstly, Steinza’s Radio Silence EP starts off strong with its opening track, “Miss You Today.” Next, it is followed by his collaborative track, “I Know You,” with indie-alt singer-songwriter Matt Maeson. As Zach’s self-proclaimed “greatest work,” this EP takes a remarkably vulnerable journey through his life. Punctuated by the title track, “Radio Silence,” fans are given a brief look into the core of Steinza.

Composed of vulnerable lyrics and throaty vocals, cushioned with punchy guitars all throughout, this EP is a great display of growth from the 24-year-old artist. Moreover, it shows a range like no other. Not only can he make a track about hot dental hygienists work, but he can also pull at your heartstrings discussing themes of loneliness and solitude.

“the writing on this EP mostly details my last few months in Virginia and the feelings that surrounded leaving my people, loneliness, and a poorly timed heartbreak.

the cover art is a pic took during that time period next to my parents house in VA. we shot the videos for 23 that day. i thought it was cool that the writing represented the feelings at the time, and that the picture represented the setting. gabe is responsible for all of my visuals and creative directed my releases this year. also my best friend and he is a top 10 human being alive”

-Via @steinzaaa on Instagram

Stream Radio Silence down below, and let us know what you think in the comments! Be sure to tune into Music Daily for more Music Discoveries like Steinza each week.

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