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MD Discovery: ‘Get Happy’ With Matt Maeson’s New Single

Here’s your sign to get into the hidden alternative-rock gem that is Matt Maeson and his latest single, “Get Happy.”

Just Get Happy Instead

Virginia-based singer and songwriter Matt Maeson is a silent powerhouse in the alternative music scene. With songs that have garnered millions of streams, Maeson is a standout in music for a variety of reasons. For starters, Matt has created his own sound that he has perfected since his industry debut in 2016, putting him in a league of his own. Moreover, his most notable attribute can be found in his lyrics. Pulling from the deepest corners of his heart and mind, Matt Maeson is a master storyteller in his songs. It’s evident that he isn’t making music to appease the masses. Matt creates from a place of passion and drive that is rare to find among industry professionals nowadays.

2023 marks an exciting time for Matt Maeson fans. Mid-May, he released “Rational,” a track that embodies the feelings of desperation and inadequacy hidden amongst raw vocals and a catchy chorus. Most recently, he’s dropped what he considers the counter-track to “Rational,” “Get Happy.” A much more angsty and rambunctious song, “Get Happy” dives into the turmoils of mental health turning your own mind against you. Complemented with explosive drums and a punchy guitar, you can’t help but feel the song from head to toe. It paints a picture of superficial advice falling on deaf ears: why be sad when you can just get happy instead?

Artist Profile: Matt Maeson

There are plenty of layers to unpack with an artist like Matt Maeson. With an unorthodox upbringing singing in prison ministries alongside his parents, Maeson’s destiny with music has been tightly intertwined since he was young. His lyrics encompass love and loss, addiction, and mental health whilst still maintaining beautiful transparency within each line. There’s much to admire about an artist who lays it all out there, an artist who doesn’t hold back. He encourages fans to create their own narratives with his lyrics and use his tracks to heal in their own ways. The versatility of creating a song that not only sounds good, but feels good as well is a lost art that Maeson has picked up and used as his own musical weapon. It’s an art that he’s evolved and maintained throughout his discography.

With features like Lana Del Rey on his top track, “Hallucinogenics,” and collaborations with popular EDM artists like Illenium (“Heavenly Side”), Matt Maeson has tapped into a wide variety of genres. From indie rock with Manchester Orchestra to working with hip-hop artist Pusha T, Matt knows no boundaries with music. Check out his complete discography to get a better taste of the emotional whirlwind that is Matt Maeson.

That’s My Cue Tour Goes International

Matt has officially wrapped up the American leg of his That’s My Cue acoustic tour as of this week. However, international fans can keep an eye out for the singer! Starting November 5th in Dublin, Ireland, Matt will make his way throughout the UK for three weeks before closing out in Stockholm, Sweden. For a full list of dates, you can visit his official website and browse merch and upcoming music releases. Until then, be sure to stream “Get Happy” and stay tuned to Music Daily for more music discoveries!

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