Frost Children: Always Innovating

Rage. Ecstasy. Love. Heartbreak. Dysphoria.

Frost Children’s expansive discography covers it all. No matter what the NY-based sibling duo belts about, they bring a sweltering energy to every single one of their tracks. Their sound knows no limits, brashly barreling through the boundaries of genre to create an entirely new sound that can’t be found anywhere else.

Experimental and Energetic

Lulu and Angel Prost, the masterminds behind Frost Children’s otherworldly sound, are always experimenting. Through scratchy bass lines, twinkling harp riffs, chants, trance stabs and even dog barks, Lulu and Angel create enthralling sonic landscapes that dizzyingly push the limits.

Each of their albums sees a radically different sound connected by the common thread of an electrifying, gut-wrenching spirit. Their first album, Aviation Creates Adventurous Beginnings, establishes the staples of Lulu and Angel’s sound. Elements of screamo, hyperpop, and experimental EDM all fuse together to lay the foundation for the projects that followed.

2021 saw the duo harness these elements and package them into a bouncier, more whimsical sound on Elixir Rejection. Irresistible earworms punctuate the crunchy beats and euphoric trance stabs on tracks like “BL!NK” and “Baby Stando.” Along the way, the duo imbues a stinging attitude, self-awareness and irony into their lyricism.

“Frost Children for the motherf***ing Grammy’s
I can guarantee that we′re you′re favorite enbys
Play this song until your ears bleed
You don’t have a choice like force feed”

“Crunk Crisis” by Frost Children

SPIRAL saw the two continue to balance silly and serious with a crunchy, angry sound. “MAKE THE FLOOR DIED” crosses the metallic style of SOPHIE with bass EDM and a surprise choir at the end. Other tracks mix punk and hyperpop, scaffolding to a boiling point along the way. “FOR THE WHOLE WORLD’S SAKE” and “LAKE OF LOVE” suddenly end the album on an unexpectedly moving note with their softer, melancholic melodies.

Next Steps

2023 has been an especially big year for Frost Children and their brain-tickling sound. In April, they released SPEED RUN, a pounding, EDM-heavy album. It explores a whole new depth to the duo’s sound, constantly trying new things. “SICK TRIP” is especially special with the inclusion of its closing segment sung by fans.

Frost Children have already put out four albums, but have been putting out single after single since SPEED RUN dropped. They’ve also released a remix EP, as well as collaborated with Babymorocco and Neggy Gemmy. Following the release of their remix of Dorian Electra’s “Freak Mode,” the duo announced they’ll be opening for the Fanfare World Tour.

Most recently, Frost Children released the tracks “Lethal” and “Stare At The Sun.” These songs explore a more acoustic sound for the first time, but still have that special edge that defines the duo. Their next album, Hearth Room, is set to release on November 17th.

Lulu and Angel have clearly hit a stride, refusing to slow down anytime soon.

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