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State Champs Have a Party With “Everybody But You”

Pop-punk band State Champs released their latest single “Everybody But You,” arriving ahead of their upcoming album Kings Of The New Age.

The Music Video For “Everybody But You” Features Exciting Cameos

State Champs have been sharing a great amount of music recently. Last year, they started teasing a new era with “Just Sound,” which was quickly followed by the catchy “Outta My Head.” Fast forward to the present, and the band just announced that they have an upcoming studio album on the way! That’s right, Kings Of The New Age will be out on May 13 via Pure Noise Records.

Their newest single, “Everybody But You,” follows State Champs’ fun vibes from their new era. The song talks about finally realizing that the person they fell in love with is not who they thought they were, so they decide to not continue the relationship any longer. 

“Enough is enough. What the f*ck was I thinking? Cause being with you is like working on the weekend. So turn the music up louder. Tell everybody come through. Cause I’m having a party, inviting everybody but you,” they sing in the chorus.

The accompanying music video for “Everybody But You” is captivating and entertaining as it perfectly follows the song’s theme. In it, we can see frontman Derek Discanio breaking up with his girlfriend after she kept complaining about not receiving expensive gifts. Then, he proceeds to go to the mall and invite literally every person he runs across to a house party, just not his ex-girlfriend. The video features cameos from longtime friends of the band, including actor and fellow pop-punk artist Tyler Posey, lil aaron, and the Story So Far’s Kelen Capener.

State Champs Mark a New Chapter With Kings Of The New Age

About their upcoming album, State Champs said, “Kings Of The New Age is our fourth album, the one that we spent the most time on, and the one that makes the biggest statement. After writing over 30 songs, we narrowed it down to 11 that best represent our mission as a band, and sonically, match the energy level we wanted to captivate heading into this new chapter.

They continued, “Lyrically, KOTNA is a reflection on the past few years during a very weird time. However, it is also a reminder that we’re only here for so long. Although we will always live and learn by trial and error in areas like friendships, family, careers, relationships, etc, there’s no time for toxicity and negativity when a certain opportunity presents itself. Never waste a moment that can be seized. Times are changing, culture is evolving, and we’re happy to provide the soundtrack and let you know that we’re Here To Stay. Welcome to The New Age.“

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