Tyler Posey Shares Details About His “Past Life”

Actor and pop-punk musician Tyler Posey is back with a new song. “Past Life” reflects on the artist’s former life and where he is now.

Tyler Posey is Entirely Honest in His Music

Tyler Posey has been on a roll dropping new singles lately. Ever since he announced he was going to explore a solo career in music earlier this year, he hasn’t disappointed fans with his new music. “Past Life” marks the fourth single he’s released this year, and it follows up to June’s “Happy.”

The pop-punk superstar certainly knows what he’s doing. The songs that he puts out are deep and relatable to most of his listeners. The meaningful lyrics, combined with appealing music, make his songs feel 100% real and approachable. “Past Life” follows the formula, as he gets really personal when describing how he was in the past. “When I was a kid, I felt so alone. I had to escape so that I could feel whole. Drift off to a place where no one knew my name. A place you could get to by numbing the taste,” Posey sings in a verse.

“Past Life is an important one for me,” Posey shared in a statement. “Maybe the most important on this very important EP. It’s about the life that sobriety has brought me and the life I had before sobriety. I air out how I ended up a drug addict and alcoholic and what inspired me to make a change and become the best me I deserved to be. I air all that out in the bridge. The bridge came to me like word vomit and every line is emotional and vividly tells my story in a fucking dope creative way.”

Catch Him on Tour This Fall!

Posey recently shared the news that he’s joining MOD SUN on the Internet Killed The Rockstar Tour, kicking off this fall. He will also be sharing the stage with the band Girlfriends. With a total of 12 dates, the tour will start in Hollywood, California, and end in Dallas, Texas. Check out the full list of dates below!

Tyler Posey internet killed the rockstar tour

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