Starlet, Miss Madeline, returns with “Lullaby”

Miss Madeline is blinded by the limelight

Lullaby cover by euvn

Provocative princess Miss Madeline is back with her new single “Lullaby” and its accompanying video.  The New York City based, New Jersey materialized, artist has just released an effortlessly sinful track, and we are streaming the hell out of it at MusicDaily (until it goes platinum).  With tracks filled with innocents and exploration of sexuality, Miss Madeline draws comparisons to Slayyyter, Charli XCX, and even Janet Jackson.  Even so, the artist is creating her own, unique, hyper-euphoric world for her music to live in.  On “Lullaby” she does it by serenading us into a blitzed dream.

See her wake up in The Hills in new music video

Production on the track is by Xjermsx & Chickenmuch.  The essence is a Malibu-esque sound and Miss Madeline’s signature soft vocals.  In comparison to her other songs, “Lullaby” is slightly melancholy.  However, Miss Madeline is a bad girl.  Therefore the tone choice is probably because she’s singing about how her man’s self-esteem is not her problem.  Why is being a bad girl so exhausting sometimes?  Nevertheless, “Lullaby” features themes consistent with the artists discography: materialism, needing attention, and pop-stardom virtues.  Additionally, the music video for the song checks off all the marks for what it means to be Miss Madeline.  Directed by Ava Doorley, the video shows the pop star in her trademark Bra and panty look, being the only LA party girl, and waking up the morning after.

She is only getting startedMiss Madeline on Twitter

In addition to “Lullaby”, Miss Madeline has had an exceptional year so far.  First, busting through the doors with the exhilarating single “Platinum.”  The song set a precedent for what new work we can expect from the artist.  Hopefully, soon enough we will get an EP from her that includes the new work she has been working on.  Surely, it would be a sparkling collection of songs pop-heads from every corner of the internet would enjoy.  Until then, however, you can find Miss Madeline on Instagram at @missmadeline and on Twitter at @missmadeline666 being the starlet that she is.

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