February 02, 2023



spill tab Recruits Gus Dapperton For “Velcro”

Rising star spill tab shared the latest single “Velcro” off her newly-released EP Bonnie. This time, she recruited indie-pop artist Gus Dapperton to create a massive track.

A Year Full of Music For spill tab

This past year has been good for spill tab. She’s been busy working on new music, and her efforts are surely paying off. Last Friday, she just released her sophomore EP, Bonnie, which features a total of 6 incredible songs. From the sweet “Anybody Else” to the electrifying “Indecisive” and even the dark but upbeat “Grade A,” this EP has it all. Plus, the featured artists on this EP are also A+, such as Tommy Genesis, JAWNY, and now Gus Dapperton.

She Talks About Her New EP Bonnie

Speaking about the Bonnie release, spill tab reveals what the new EP is about. “Pretty similar to the last, this EP ties a little bow around the songs that I’ve worked on this full year. It’s so sick to look at the tracklist and see all the collaborations that made the project possible but also exciting for me, and to have gotten the chance to do sessions in Paris for the first time and to have also come out with a song marinelli and I made with Myd (‘en quatre’) is beyond cool. I named the EP ‘Bonnie’ after the space and home that I spent quarantine in, where I wrote most of the songs, and where I spent a lot of time and made memories with people I love.”

Working With Gus Dapperton on “Velcro”

She also commented on how she felt while working with Gus. “It felt incredibly easy and natural working with Gus – it’s such a positive experience because you can tell he just really wants to service the song and support the other person in the room. He’s a very selfless collaborator, and I’m so proud and excited for this one.”

“Velcro” is another banger that spill tab shares and if you’re into indie or bedroom pop, you have to check it out. Let us know what you think!

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