Grimes Drops “Player of Games”

Electronic pop artist, Grimes drops “Player of Games.” This is Grimes’ first release since her split from Elon Musk. The lyrics may show potential connections to her former relationship with Musk.

Grimes Drops “Player of Games” and Tech-Detailed Lyric Video

This unique artist drops “Player of Games” along with a lyric video on Youtube. Grimes keeps a consistent aesthetic with each of her new releases. She is no stranger to creating a robotic, yet medieval theme. In this lyric video she embraces a knight with a sword on her back the entire time. The lyrics are in a neon green font that resembles a coding screen. This theme is similar to the style she wore at this year’s Met Gala with the metallic silver, black and white dress, and a sword in her hand to top it off.

Grimes Explains Her Met Gala 2021 'Gun' Sword – Billboard

She Possibly Hints at Elon Musk Split in “Player of Games”

As many are aware, Grimes dated CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk for about three years and the pair recently split in September. “Player of Games” is the first song she’s released since the breakup. As the lyrics say “Sail away/To the cold expanse of space (Ah)/Even love/Couldn’t keep you in your place/But you can’t love me/Like that?” Her reference to space strongly hints at the relationship, seeing as Musk has talked about reducing Space transportation costs. Grimes publicly supported that project of his, too. Therefore, if this “Player of Games” is in fact about Musk, the space reference makes perfect sense. In addition, aliens have been a part of her aesthetic for a while, too.

Overall, Grimes possesses a unique creativity in her music that is distinct from may other pop artists. Especially when it comes to referencing her past relationships. How many artists would connect their breakup to the “cold expanse of space?” Probably not so many.

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