“Grade A” Is The First Taste Of spill tab’s Upcoming EP

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Already the protagonist of our Featured Artist Friday, spill tab’s new single is what we want to talk about this week. “Grade A,” feat. JAWNY, is her lastest project, dropped recently on the 29 of September. The track, besides “Indecisive“, “Anybody Else” and “PISTOLWHIP,” will be part of spill tab’s upcoming EP, which is gonna be dropped this autumn.

1 minute and a half of song has been enough to enter the hearts of the Music Daily’s team. We really consider her one of the most interesting emerging artists of urban music. With a lo-fi alternative pop sound and… well, not properly, it’s really hard to categorize spill tab.

spill tab, JAWNY and Marinelli: a 6 hands work

Grade A,” in particular, seems to be initially an emo/teen pop track, but then things completely change. JAWNY’s contribution mixes the genres and makes the song a hybrid of lovely confusion beautiful because you wouldn’t expect that. In this sense, also crucial has been the behind the scenes’ work of Marinelli, always central in all the tracks of the spill tab’s project. Indeed, if it wasn’t for him, we couldn’t have listened to this music fluidity that is not so diffused but sounds great.

The prospects for the new project seems interesting, one year after “Oatmilk“, spill tab is preparing her fans for a different face of herself. “Grade A” is synonymous with diversification, it’s like seeing things from another perspective. We’re not talking indeed of a classic male/female alternation of voices, the intentions of the two are much different.

spill tab has big goals for the future, and fundamental to those will be the results of the upcoming EP. Who knows, also the names of the new EP, perhaps the choices will be similar to the line chosen for JAWNY’s contribution.

spill tab is the novelty in a now saturated music panorama, the underground part that you have to listen to. “Grade A“… first chapter of a long-term path?

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