Sofia Carson Is Burning Up On “Fool’s Gold”

Sofia Carson has been giving us a lot of beautiful hits lately. Only three months after the release of “Hold On To Me,” the singer and actress is back with a catchy new single, “Fool’s Gold.”

Sofia Plays With Fire in “Fool’s Gold”

With production by Grammy Award-winning duo Stargate (Rihanna, Beyoncé), this song marks a major evolution for the international star. It’s a visual song just as much as it is audible. About the song and it’s video, she shares, “This is the beginning of a story I’m sharing with the world. We meet a girl who’s at the cusp of falling heart-first into a love that feels too good to be true. Before she falls, she can’t seem to quiet that voice in her head that keeps singing ‘are you for real or Fool’s Gold?'” She continued, “The visual story is all about fire as you guys saw in the video because she’s in a way metaphorically playing with fire in the game of love.”

Sofia said that she and the video’s director, Hannah Lux Davis, used the theme of fire to tell a story that is “so personal” to the singer. “The story that I’m telling is so personal, and we kind of created the narrative together. We used the theme of fire in a really fun way to portray a girl who is really fiery within and knows what she wants, but at the same time is also kind of, metaphorically playing with fire.”


From Lyrics to Reality

The singer and her team did an amazing job portraying the song lyrics into a music video. Seeing Carson playing with fire, touching it, and walking through it really captures the essence of the song.

It can be felt the most when she sings in the chorus “Oh, down in my soul, I need to know. Are you for real or fool’s gold? You’re pulling me close, but I need to know. Are you for real or fool’s gold?” 

Listen to Sofia Carson’s latest single and enjoy the beautiful music video that accompanies it down below.

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