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BTS Release “Film Out” For Upcoming Movie “Signal”

BTS just released the heartbreaking ballad “Film Out” for the upcoming Japanese movie Signal: Long-Term Unsolved Case Investigation Team. The movie is a remake of the Japanese TV drama Signal, for which BTS wrote the theme song, “Don’t Leave Me,” in 2018.

BTS and Back Number Work Together in “Film Out”

The popular K-Pop band got together with Billboard to share more details about the new project. “The song ‘Film Out’ is a track we wrote together with Back Number. We were drawn to the beautiful melody when we first received the demo from Mr. Shimizu. We fell in love with the song while we were working on it, so we hope you all like it, too. It’s a ballad with a poignant melody and lyrics. We’re sure it has the power to touch many people’s hearts. Please enjoy our song along with the movie.”

On the same note, Back Number shared he wasn’t always sure about wanting to work on the project. “I had some reservations because I’d never written a song that someone else besides myself would sing. But I’m happy that we’ve completed a very lyrical, yet powerful track thanks to our experienced staff, our co-arranger UTA’s efforts, some exciting exchanges with Jung Kook, and the personal qualities and power of expression each of the BTS members have.”

A Cinematic Music Video

The music video gives fans a cinematic experience. It begins with Jungkook and Jimin crooning in different rooms. Shortly afterward, Jin walks into the room and sees the rest of the band members from afar. It seems like they are stuck in time while Jin reminisces the fond memories he had with a special someone. There’s back and forth between his solo scenes and the group moments, including callbacks to their Korean hit “Fake Love,” especially when some areas in the room show an hourglass. “Since you last touched them. From all the memories stored in my heart. I gather up the ones of you, link them together,” the group sings.

“Film Out” will also be featured in their upcoming Japanese compilation album, BTS, The Best, which was announced on March 25. The record comprises a total of 23 tracks, including the Grammy-nominated “Dynamite,” which is slated for release on June 16.

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