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Snail Mail Leaves Comfort Zone on “Ben Franklin”

American indie-rock act, Snail Mail, released her new single, “Ben Franklin” and fans are absolutely raving. Here at Music Daily, we admire risk-taking in this industry, and founder Lindsey Jordan does just that. In a promotional interview, Ms. Jordan said, “I wanted to sonically and lyrically get out of my comfort zone with ‘Ben Franklin.’” The track features raw, vulnerable lyrics that flow through a melodrama theme – only made better, of course, with Lindsey’s vocals.

Snail Mail’s Minimalism

“Ben Franklin” is the second track off Snail Mail’s forthcoming album, Valentine. Banging percussion and electric riffs move away from the classic-rock sound of her former discography, creating a new and inviting space for Valentine to fill. “Ben Franklin” speaks wisely – and sourly – of heartache and moving on. With lyrics such as “Sucker for the pain, huh, honey? / But you said you’d die / You wanna leave a stain / Like a relapse does when you really tried,” we can understand how fans are obsessed. Lindsey Jordan sings candidly of her toxic relationships, but leaves a searing mark through minimal lyrics. It’s this artistry that makes “Ben Franklin” such an important feature for Music Daily’s New Music Monday.

Old Money in Ben Franklin Music Video

Just as Lindsey and her bandmates moved out of their comfort zone in creating “Ben Franklin,” they did the same with its music video. Featuring dance moves akin to Taylor Swift’s, a giant snake, and an adorable puppy, it’s hard not to watch more than once. The old-money attire of Snail Mail throughout the video feels like a jab at the celebrity lifestyle. Lindsey sings, “Got money, I don’t care about sex / You knew how I’d take it, you brought her to flex”.


More to Come from Snail Mail

If you thought “Ben Franklin” was Snail Mail’s conclusion for the year, you’d be wrong. On November 5th, Snail Mail is set to release Valentine through Matador Records. “Valentine,” the title track off the album, was released in September and is also a must-listen. On the track, Snail Male stated it was about, “dynamics that mirror a passionate, messy, still unresolved relationship.”

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