Snail Mail Teases Upcoming Album with “Valentine”

Lindsey Jordan, singer of solo band, Snail Mail kicks off debut of her new album Valentine with the title track ‘Valentine.’ But that’s not where it stops! Jordan also included an emotional roller coaster music video to the mix. She left fans in suspense over what else is to come on November 5.


Snail Mail to release Full Album this Fall

In 2018, Snail Mail released her debut album, LushValentine is her sophomore album coming November 5, along with two EPs she had released several years back. The indie solo rock artist currently has a smaller following. However, that does not stop her from impressing fans through her demonstration of passion in heartbreak and relationships through her songs.

Lindsey Jordan’s Music Video Story

Snail Mail kicks off debut of the music video by showing the highs and lows of a relationship. The lyrics said “I can’t love for us both,” indicating a one-sided relationship. The story continues after she and the girl end it, but the girl is soon to be seen dancing with a man. Jordan’s character pins him to the floor, presumably because of jealousy. This victorian-themed video creates a captivating aesthetic, given the emotional baggage.

What to Expect from Valentine

Valentine will feature 10 tracks written and produced by Jordan herself. She also had some co-production help from Brad Cook who wrote for indie group, Bon Iver. According to her label Matador Records, “Written in 2019-2020 the album is filled with romance, heartbreak, blood, sweat and tears.”

The music video really captures a sneak peak of Matador Record’s description of Valentine. After nearly four years without releasing any new music, Snail Mail is finally coming out with new material that fans have been anticipating. With Valentine as the lead single, it already matches the idea that the album will likely include songs that many could feel they relate to, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.


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