February 09, 2023



Moe Young’s “Electric” Is Setting Up A Strong Career

Born and raised in Arkansas, Moe Young never expected to leave his home state. People from small towns might have big dreams, but they don’t easily have the opportunity to chase them.  Moe Young made sure that he did have that opportunity by granting them to himself from hard work and experience. 


Actually, he’s continuing to chase his dreams, now and his sophomore single, “Electric,” is only getting him closer to those goals. Similar to artists like Corpse and Shay Lia, being in control of his own art and own destiny is making his music that much better.


At just 23 years old, Moe Young reflects the best of R&B. Even in his youth, there is a wisdom and maturity to his music that fits him and the genre flawlessly. With a hip hop background but an ear for pop melodies, Moe Young is effortlessly blending styles. 


With influences that range from the origins of new wave to modern urban hits, it makes sense that Young is all over the place. This is a positive thing for rising artists as they can garner fans from different backgrounds and with varying interests. 


Moe Young Really Is “Electric”

With a groovy style overall and a clear dedication to his art, Moe Young will be able to find fans in just about anyone. This sophomore single, “Electric,” encompasses that. (So did his first single, “Shot With Me,” featuring lilspirit.)

It is a 1980s tinged  R&B song with hints of early 2000s pop – making it easy to dance to. Fans of the rising star will surely be jamming to this on long car rides as part of road trip playlists.  It has that fun quality and mesmerizing lyricism that storybook moments like those deserve. The song itself is also just two seconds shy from being two minutes long. 

“Electric” is a quick blip of a song, but is lovable and entertaining right out of the gate. “Why you pull away when I’m reaching for you?” Young croons and asks at the beginning. It’s a question that the song is looking for answers in.


“Electric” might be the title of the song, but it also describes Young’s quickly growing career following his Arkansas childhood. He’s onto big things and the industry is watching them.


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