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Smallpools Are The “life of the party” in New Single

Indie pop band Smallpools are back with a new single. “Life of the party” teases the band’s forthcoming album, Life in a Simulation.

“life of the party” Teases Smallpools’ Forthcoming Album

Smallpools are known for their infectious stadium-worthy anthems and their ability to turn a simple melody into a roaring hit. Their new single “life of the party” is nothing less than extraordinary. Exploding with fervent energy complete with punchy electronic beats, funk-fueled bass, and dark textured rhythms, the song will have you pressing repeat.  

“We started working on this song in an apartment that I was renting in east Nashville; just a day or so after the tornado struck and a few days before the country entered into COVID lockdown. Our friend, Dave, came by to write with us. I just remember feeling some serious eeriness around what was happening outside of the walls of the apartment. I built a quick little loop in Logic that I felt was representative of the uneasiness we were all feeling and the song pretty much wrote itself.” says guitarist Mike Kamerman.

A few days before “life of the party” came out, Smallpools announced on their Instagram that they are going to be touring the United States starting this Fall. The tour will be a celebration of their album Life in a Simulation coming out on October 15.

The tracklist for their forthcoming sophomore album hasn’t been announced yet. Nevertheless, it is said that the songs “slowdown” featuring morgxn and “simulation” will be included. 

Earlier this year, the band dropped their EP science fiction. It featured a total of 4 songs, including “science fiction,” “simulation,” “cycle,” and “slowdown.” For the looks of it, the project might have been a shorter version of Life in a Simulation, but we will have to wait and see. 

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