Sky Rompiendo’s New Birthday Track- ‘El Cielo’

“Birthday’s mine but the present is for y’all”. This was the message of the producer Sky Rompiendo who recently turned 31. 

The Colombian producer has decided to release his last song ‘El Cielo’ for this special occasion. A unique collab that also sees the contributions of the rapper from Puerto Rico Mike Towers and Feid. The last time the two worked together on a project was May 2022, on the track Barranquilla Bajo Cerofeat. Beéle.

‘El Cielo’ is pure reggaeton, as you can expect from these names. But if you like the genre you basically can’t ignore this gem. The Latin world has so much to offer and this is probably one of their best products. 

Mike Towers and Feid know how to make a great melody, they are singers before rappers. The combination of their styles and voices promises resounding success and “El Cielo” is expected to become one of the most popular songs of the year. Besides, Sky Rompiendo composed a beat both melancholic and rhythmic. 

The video of the song is also available on YouTube, for those who want to associate a voice to a face. Filmed in the beautiful Everglades, Florida, the video forms the backdrop for the particular sounds of Sky Rompiendo. 

About the artist: 

Alejandro Ramírez Suárez, known by his stage name Sky Rompiendo, is a Colombian music producer and composer. He is recognized for working in urban genres such as reggaeton, along with great artists. During his career he has won six Latin Grammy Awards as a producer and songwriter.

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