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Selena Gomez & Camilo Unite on Steamy New Track “999”

Global superstar Selena Gomez united with Colombian singer Camilo for a new steamy Spanish track, “999.”

Camilo & Selena Slow Down on “999”

The new single arrives just at the heels of Camilo’s collaboration with Shawn Mendes on “KESI,” a cheerful bachata song that made us all get up and dance. Lowering down the levels a little bit, Camilo is back, now with none other than Selena Gomez. This time, the pair joined forces for the romantic yet inspiring “999.”

Uniting their vocals throughout the entire song, Selena and Camilo make an amazing duet. They sing about their love for each other and being ready for whatever is next to come on their paths. The song is entirely in Spanish, following up to Selena’s latest EP Revelación. Translated in English, the lyrics say, “I know you think of me. And your heart moves. If you want to go a thousand. I’m at nine hundred and ninety-nine.”

It’s The First Time The Artists Collaborate

“Camilo is a fantastic songwriter and singer who proudly wears his heart on his sleeve which is something we connected on immediately,” Selena said about Camilo. “I couldn’t have been more excited to collaborate with him.”

“Working with Selena Gomez is a huge honor. From the beginning, ‘999’ was written with the sound of her voice in mind and would not exist if it were not created dreaming of this collaboration,” Camilo added. “I’m so excited about the opportunity it represents for me and my career, a song as precious as this, with an artist whom I respect and have followed for so long. I couldn’t believe it because just two or three years ago they asked me in an interview with whom I dreamed of making a song and my answer was, ‘with Selena Gomez’ and now it’s a reality.”

What do you think of Selena & Camilo’s first collaboration? Would you like to see them working together again in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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