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Scruffpuppie Signs to Saddest Factory Records, Drops “Assignment Song”

Scruffpuppie Signs to Phoebe Bridgers’ Label

The DIY emo-pop band Scruffpuppie is the latest to join the roster at Saddest Factory Records, Phoebe Bridgers’ label imprint. Scruffpuppie is the project of singer-songwriter JJ Shurbet. At just 20 years old, Shurbet is prolific, with an extensive discography on SoundCloud and YouTube. Following the announcement of signing to Saddest Factory Records, Scruffpuppie released “Assignment Song“, which was written during Shurbet’s three-month stint in rehab.

Shurbet Releases First Song with Saddest Factory

“Assignment Song” originally debuted on September 24 by way of a video shot at home in her bedroom. The day is particularly special, not only because of the song’s release but because it marks one year of sobriety for Shurbet. In a post on Instagram, she writes, “today i am a whole year clean from all pills and hard drugs, and am a completely different person and i couldn’t be happier.” Since the signing with the new label, the video was redone on a professional set.

The track features melodic, chugging guitar and vocals drenched in reverb. The song harnesses all of the raw power and fervor of traditional emo, but the added layers of distortion are a mark of Scruffpuppie’s unique sound. Above all, her ability to seamlessly blend emo and pop is what makes this track so undeniably catchy.


Scruffpuppie’s Piercing Lyricism

Shurbet brings the same rawness and emotion to her songwriting. Her poignant lyrics echo her struggles with addiction in addition to her difficult upbringing. She writes in the first verse, “Drugs and drinks have held us tightly, made us all go quite insane”. The deeply personal lyrics in combination with the song’s buoyant melody make the song more dynamic. Shurbet doesn’t shy away from the harsh reality of the themes she sings about. Her candidness about struggling with addiction gives the track an added sense of urgency and emotional weight. Shurbet sings about her struggles with addiction reflecting on her past and ruminates on what she has learned from her experiences. She writes at the end of the second verse, “We need to know that we can ask for help so we don’t fall again”.

Scruffpuppie is the fourth act to sign to Saddest Factory Records. She joins Charley Hickey, Claud, and Muna, all recently signed to the label. Scruffpuppie’s first full-length project with Saddest Factory Records drops in January of 2022. 


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