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Mensa Deathsquad Announces ‘Cyclist’ Release Date With New Song

Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips courtesy Gran Calavera label Press Release

The synth-wave Mensa Deathsquad has dropped a new video and single prior to an album release on February 23.  The techno-indie rock solo-group ironically debuted Patient Zero in January 2019 and looks to expand its sound in 2021. The deathsquad, made by Brandon Phillips, sound like a mix of genres of underground music with a touch of nostalgia.  After an intense year of setbacks, the lead musician is finally able to take control of his creative vision.

Mensa Deathsquad is the current darkwave project of many from Brandon Phillips. He is responsible for other projects such as The Architects, Other Americans, Brandon Phillips and the Condition, etc.

Mensa Deathsquad’s Unexpected Break

When the first tracks from his debut album Patient Zero were premiering, the Missouri native was on a merry-go-round of post-operative infections. Through the pharmaceutical blur, Phillips did promotion for his record. Then COVID-19 came like a rogue wave, to finish off any plans for 2019-2020.

After being in a hospital bed during his album release, Phillips is coming back with a vengeance. In Kansas City, with a wound in his abdomen, two surgical drains, and a weakened immune system, Brandon jumped back into his Mensa Deathsquad persona; He began working on his new full-length album, Cyclist.

New Song and Album

Phillips announced last week the drop will be on February 23rd. The artist then shared a taste of what’s to come. Mensa Deathsquad released the latest single to be on Cyclist: “Nothing Is Never Enough.”

Mensa Deathsquad’s sound is nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s the electronic music that gets your heart rate up, with a layer of dirt and grungy punk-rock with it. Mensa Deathsquad is long overdue for some new music since its two years of intermission. With so much time and things to overcome, the squad should have some pretty meticulous tracks to share.

Visit Mensa Deathsquad on Bandcamp for more music.


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