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Samia Drops Lead Single “Show Up”

Delicate Song, powerful production

This past week, Samia dropped her upcoming EP’s lead single “Show Up,” along with stunning visuals. Directed by Joey Brodnax, Samia performed on stage for most of the video; a dramatic demonstration of the power behind a rather soft and delicate song.

A Refreshing Voice for Women

Samia came into the music industry as a dominating voice for women. In 2017, she only had three songs posted on Spotify, including “Someone Tell the Boys”.  Just weeks after the release, it was added on Spotify’s “Badass Women” playlist.  During The Verge interview that same year, Samia said she wrote the song in response to the male musicians she had worked with;  musicians that “fancied themselves as really knowledgeable and important. “I was like, forget it, I’m never going to work with anybody who’s mean to me again”.   In a male dominated industry, hearing a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind is empowering.   Samia wasn’t looking for a specific fan base,  but she sure gained the women’s trust with “Someone Tell the Boys.” Her music since  has continued to make women feel empowered and heard, creating music that likes to hold your hand and walk you home.

“Scout” EP out July 23rd

Last year, Samia dropped her debut album, The Baby, which navigated the trappings of young adulthood with subtle, reflective songwriting and poetic lyrical beauty. In her press statement announcing her new EP, she describes Scout as “’The Baby’s’ slightly older sister letting her know that everything is gonna be alright.” While The Baby shines light on the anxieties and uncertainties of young adulthood, we can only assume that Scout will allow us to feel calm and confident about it all.

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