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glaive Shares Psychedelic Track “detest me”

16-year-old pop phenomenon glaive is back with a psychedelic new track, “detest me,” which will be part of an upcoming EP.

glaive: From Straight-A Student to Breakout Artist

Ash Gutierrrex, AKA glaive, might be only 16 years old but he is indeed a music genius. He started recording songs in his bedroom and is now signed by a music label; all while still being in high school. A couple of weeks ago, he tweeted “I passed all my finals!”

He is a new breakout artist who found inspiration thanks to the pandemic. When it hit in spring 2020 and remote learning set in, Ash began making and releasing music as glaive (named after a weapon on his favorite RPG Dark Souls III.

 “I used to be a straight-A student, not to toot my own horn, but I’m definitely not a straight-A student anymore,” he says. “Making music made me not enjoy school at all and just not find it fun.”

He continues, “The main thing at the beginning of the pandemic was being bored. I’ve only been doing this for eight months, a little before quarantine started. It was a good way of getting out emotions instead of being friggin’ sad all the time. Most of my songs are pretty sad, but I’m a pretty happy, energetic person. Getting rid of all those negative emotions through music. Then I don’t have to talk about it at any other time.”

“detest me” is a Big Milestone For Him

“Detest me” is glaive’s second single set to be on his upcoming EP all dogs go to heaven. The song came out with a music video starring the singer who we see as a new artist traveling to LA trying to achieve his dreams. “‘Detest Me’ was the 2nd song I ever recorded in an actual studio,” he says. “It was the first beat Whethan and Haan made when we got there. They went crazy. I recorded it. We listened to it. Now we’re here.”

Earlier this year, glaive also shared the music video for his single “Astrid”. It was shot in his North Carolina hometown, Hendersonville. “If I didn’t live here, I probably wouldn’t love nature as much as I do. But now I’ve fallen in love with the landscape — forests, open fields, just being outside in general. A lot of my songs are trying to recreate that nature-y feel, too.”

Stay tuned for glaive’s upcoming EP all dogs go to heaven expected sometime in August later this year and enjoy “detest me” in the meantime!

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