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Sam.Sts is Hearing “Sirens”

Sam.Sts, a rising alt-pop artist from Indianapolis, has dropped a new single titled “Sirens.” The 3-minute track is introspective and combines haunting lyrics with achingly beautiful vocals. Sam.Sts establishes himself as an artist to watch after a two-year-long break from music.

“Sirens” and Dreamlike Production

“Sirens” is a dreamlike take on modern bedroom pop, with Sam.Sts’ vocals on display – and aided by a hazy production. A harmony of strings, piano, and electronic notes makes for a fascinating first listen. However, as the song continues, the intricacies of the track become apparent. Sam sings softly, carefully; the single more akin to a coming-of-age soundtrack than anything else. It’s clear that the Sam.Sts and his producers, Matthew Neighbour and Christian Taylor, labored in the making of “Sirens.”

Sam.Sts’ Poignant Lyrics

Besides its stellar vocals and production, “Sirens” is lyrically compelling. Co-written by Sam.Sts (Latty) and Neighbour, the track explores the implications of failing mental health. In a poignant intro, Sam sings “Break my neck for things with no meaning / Brace my head when I start the overthinking.” It’s clear from the first four lines of “Sirens” that the track is about to be beautiful and heartbreaking all at once – and it is. The chorus, which talks of “overlapping sirens” and compulsive decisions, reflects on the contradictions of everyday life. Sam Latty’s lyrics, aided by his charming vocals, result in a wonderful single.

More From The Young Artist

After a two-year hiatus from music – at least, from large streaming services – Sam.Sts’ support is still the same. In 2o18, he dropped his breakout hit “Applesauce,” which garnered more than 13 million listens. We can expect “Sirens” to near that level of exposure, as the Indianapolis native took time to hone his skills and evolve as an artist. Though “Applesauce” is fun and energetic, “Sirens” brings a new level of maturity to Sam.Sts’ discography. This progression is why Sam.Sts is our newest MD Discovery.

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