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The Harsh & Sweet “strawberry chainsaw” by JAWNY

An outward expression of love using unlikely word combos that scream “here and now” is something I love to see. Now, deliver that with an alternative/indie sound, then my friend you’re specifically aiming to please me. That ladies and gentlemen is exactly what I got with the epically named “strawberry chainsaw” by JAWNY. 


Harsh and Sweet: 

I had no idea who JAWNY was before this song. After listening to it I feel like this has been waiting for me to find it. Love of all things is as simply complex as this very statement. It’s one of the best themes to sing about and write about. JAWNY does this by acknowledging that it isn’t perfect and that’s okay. He admits that she can be harsh one day and the other be sweet, hence the title “strawberry chainsaw”. Which, I mean c’mon… how is that not perfect? It gives me “butcher with a smile” vibes from my favorite love song “Tear In My Heart” by Twenty One Pilots. 

This song is honestly super nice and worth the listen, but that’s not all… 

The Weird Music Video:

Listen, I’m not one to judge weird stuff because I’m all about that. You got the rebirth of a man through the grotesque shedding of his old body? Awesome! How about a brainwashing music video that shows the aftermath of a clearly big incident that ends with a cult member kissing a ghost that rapidly ages? Sign me up! But the music video for “strawberry chainsaw” is weird because well… why JAWNY? I don’t understand what’s the point of having huge muscular dudes doing somewhat kiddy stuff and walking around naked. There’s not really a theme going on aside from: random. 

And y’know what? That’s alright. Give the music video a listen by clicking the image above. All in all, this was a great song! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.   

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