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D3X Relaxes on “Vacations Matter”

D3X, an MD Discovery graduate, wows again with his newest single, “Vacations Matter.” The American rapper and songwriter has proven his versatility in a wide range of music genres, including rap and punk. D3X’s newest track is a return to his hip-hop roots, with the addition of smooth R&B influences.

A Polished Track

“Vacations Matter” is the result of masterful production, lyrics, and vocals. The track opens with a stripped melody, mainly based on guitar riffs and background vocals. After a few seconds, “Vacations Matter” transforms into a full-fledged production, aided by D3X’s vocals and a polished r&b beat. D3X talks of the difficulties of his lifestyle – noting, of course, the need for vacations.

The Making of “Vacations Matter”

D3X aptly combines his rap and hip-hop roots with something smooth and refined. In an exclusive statement to Music Daily, the young artist explains that the track came to him through social media. He says “I had a producer DM me on Instagram, asking me to check out his work… He sent me a few [beats] and one of the choices became ‘Vacations Matter.'” Even if “Vacations Matter” wasn’t expected, it’s excellent all the same. D3X’s ability to switch flows from a hard-pressed criticism to a laid-back, charming cadence is impressive. He keeps the same youthfulness as the rest of his discography, while at the same time responding with a new level of maturity and perspective.

D3X Means What He Says

D3X pulls no punches in his newest drop, meaning exactly what he raps. While speaking to Music Daily, he asserts “the title is pretty self explanatory.” D3X further notes, “It isn’t really a hidden meaning… I was sitting on a balcony in Miami and just realized how important it is to take self care and enjoy the life we live. Vacations and self love and respect are what help us experience the highest highs.” Though the young artist seems to take his vacations seriously, he’s been hard at work delivering new music. In the last two months, he dropped “Go Green” and “Complicated,” both lively rap tracks with punk influences.

D3X also dropped his “Dysfunctional EP” back in March, which is when we rightly deemed him as an MD Discovery. To discover more of D3X – and perhaps more of your next favorite artists – be sure to check back to Music Daily often!

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