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Paramore Is Addicted To Chaos On “C’est Comme Ca”

@paramore On Instagram. Photo Credit: Zachary Gray

“C’est Comme Ca”

Ahead of one of 2023’s most highly anticipated albums, Paramore releases the third single titled “C’est Comme Ca” off their new project. This Is Why is the name of the new masterpiece coming February 10 and marks their first LP since 2017’s After Laughter

The iconic trio finds serenity in the midst of chaos on “C’est Comme Ca.” They find solace in life’s trials and tribulations. First and foremost, “C’est Comme Ca” translates to “It’s like that,” used in the French language to express the phrase, “That’s just how it is.” The song is telling of how Hayley Williams and her bandmates are uncomfortable with stability and uncertainty. They are accustomed to some sort of conflict within themselves and their life. It’s my dependence on the friction that really hinders my progression.” Paramore acknowledges this unhealthy dependence stunts their growth. 

@paramore On Instagram. Photo credits: Zachary Gray.

The Band Is Addicted To Chaos

But solving conflicts and overcoming obstacles allow for outside recognition. “I know that regression is rarely rewarded / I still need a certain degree of disorder,” Williams sings. Even more, Paramore writes “I hate to admit getting better is boring / But the high cost of chaos, who can afford it?,” 

Though, the band starts to feel the effects of the battles they’ve endured. “In a single year, I’ve aged one hundred / My social life, a chiropractic appointment,” they write. With the pandemic and the political and societal setbacks we have faced, many have felt recent years have taken a toll on them. Especially on their mental health.  

“C’est Comme Ca” has a “post-punk” and dance-punk type sound. Interestingly, Williams using a narrative voice instead of her singing voice on the verses. Despite the introspective and gloomy lyrics, the guitar and drums surely brighten the vibe. 

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