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Good Reads: Books By Musicians

5 Musicians Who Wrote Books

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There are many music artists that are multitalented. 50 Cent doubled as a photographer, J. Cole was a violinist as a child, A$AP Ferg just so happens to be a talented painter. And Snoop Dogg? Most fans know he does anything and everything. Athough, to be a musician you should be good with words. Lyrics are something that come naturally for many music artists, and some are so good with words that they decided to share their knowledge in the form of a book. Here are some artists with good books out:

1. ‘It’s All In Your Head’ – Russ

Russ Book
‘It’s All In Your Head’ cover – Russ

Firstly, Russ is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who believed in himself and his music and worked his way up. Moreover, the “Handsomer” singer is a self made artist, and reminds everybody in his book that it starts with YOU; to get out of your own way.

The 30 year old “Losin Control” singer proved that he didn’t need a major label to surpass over a billion streams on Spotify and Apple music. To add on, he made Forbes in 2019 and sold out arenas across the U.S and around the world. In his memoir, he details his life experiences that built the person he is. Even more, he describes his hard work and pushes readers to take leaps of faith.

If you’re a fan of self help books and books that will motivate you, this is a book for you. You can find it here.

2. ‘The Book of Jose’ – Fat Joe

Fat Joe Cover
The Book of Jose Cover – Fat Joe

Secondly, Fat Joe, born Joseph Cartagena, is a rapper who is one of the most notorious in New York City. He began gaining traction in 1993 when his single ‘Flow Joe’ reached number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs. Fat Joe grew up in the Bronx in a Puerto Rican and Cuban household.

The Book of Jose is a memoir detailing what it was like for him to grow up in the South Bronx. Hence, Joe grew up during the darkest years where drugs and violence were at a high. Additionally, he grew up in the projects, which in the Bronx can be very dangerous for a child to grow up in at the time.

Fat Joe wrote the memoir in his bona fide voice. In brief, he gives an intimate story for his readers and talks about the turn that his life made when he began to focus on his career. His book can be bought here.

3. ‘Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island’ – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Cover
Gone Til’ November Book Cover – Lil Wayne

Thirdly, Dwayne Michael Carter, A.K.A Lil Wayne, is a notorious rapper. He entered the industry at the age of 12, becoming the youngest member of the Cash Money Records label. Rapper Birdman signed Wayne in 1995.

Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island is a prison memoir from Lil Wayne’s diary. The memoir published in 2016 and contains all of the gritty details of Lil Wayne’s sentence. What’s more, the rapper spent eight months in Rikers on account of gun charges.

In the memoir, he covers his many visits from people like Kanye West and P. Diddy, performing a gay marriage ceremony for two inmates, and even finding out that his girlfriend slept with Drake. The book can be found here.

4. ‘Supermarket’ – Logic

Logic Cover
Supermarket Book Cover – Bobby Hall (Logic)

Next, the novel Supermarket is a New York Times number one best seller novel written by Bobby Hall. And no, Bobby Hall is not a full time author, he’s actually a full time rapper!

Logic, rapper and record producer, is actually a part time author. He has written multiple novels, including A Bright Future, A Simple Man, and Supermarket. Supermarket is a psychological thriller that focused on a character named Flynn. Flynn is an aspiring writer who just went through a breakup and takes a job in a supermarket, hoping to find inspiration.

Actually, readers have given great reviews on the book, saying that it keeps you engaged. Furthermore, there is a Supermarket soundtrack, which you also can listen to while reading the book. The book can be found here.

5. ‘Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year’ – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Cover
Staying Strong 365 Days a Year Cover – Demi Lovato

Undoubledly, singer Demi Lovato has publicly been through a lot over the years. Just last year, she released her documentary Dancing With The Devil. The former Disney star accounts her tough past where she dealt with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and more. They talk about their growth and how they did it.

In her book Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, Demi discusses her recovery and how she affirms her commitment to herself and being better and happier. Over and above, she does this to help guide other young people who go through similar feelings and experiences as her. Equally important, Demi launched “The Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program”, which covers expenses for people struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues.

The “Stone Cold” singer has made tremendous progress and wants others to make the same progress. Moreover, the book helps young people find themselves and their way in the world. The book is linked here.

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