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Rosalía Pays Homage with “Saoko”

Rosalía, 29-year-old urbano pop artist, just announced that she will be dropping an album titled Motomami. Ahead of its release in March, Rosalía dropped “SAOKO,” a single that pays homage to reggaeton and its founders. The single introduces us, of course, to the notions of girl power, transformation, and celebration.

Paying Homage to the Classics

With layers of rap, distorted piano, and classic reggaeton drums, “SAOKO” is an infectious track. Rosalía sampled the 2004 hit “Saoco” by Daddy Yankee and Wisin and drew inspiration from the pioneers of reggaeton. She says, “Naming my next track “SAOKO” and sampling Yankee and Wisin for me is the most direct homage I can make to classic reggaeton, a genre that I love and that has been a constant and great inspiration throughout the MOTOMAMI project.”

“SAOKO” is Something New

The single is a bit different than her other discography, and Rosalía recognizes it. Of course, she introduces her fans to something new, something different. Of that change, she writes, “If you notice, the lyrics revolve around the same concept: transformation. Each and every phrase is an image of transformation. Celebrating transformation, celebrating change. Celebrating that you are always yourself even though you are in constant transformation or even that you are you more than ever at the very moment you are changing.”

Gearing Up for Hits

Fans are raving over her new single. In fact, “SAOKO” may be just as popular as “La Fama,”   her breakout hit with The Weeknd. The urbano artist is pulling out all the stops recently, including a wild music video for her latest single. Subsequently, fans get to see Rosalía as part of a biker girl gang. It’s clear that Rosalía is gearing up for a groundbreaking, record-smashing project.

Are you excited for Rosalía’s new single and upcoming project? Let us know in the comments!

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