December 08, 2022

Rita Ora Reaches the “Finish Line”


British pop singer-songwriter Rita Ora released her new single “Finish Line,” her first since “Follow Me.”

“Finish Line” Honors Women’s Rights

Rita Ora is back! Last December, the artist released her collaboration with Sam Feldt on “Follow Me” and had not released new music since then. But, the wait is over! She released her new single “Finish Line, which arrives with the production of Diane Warren.

“Finish Line” is part of the soundtrack for ESPN’s upcoming four-part Title IX docuseries, 37 Words. It’s also part of The Walt Disney Company’s Fifty/50 initiative led by ESPN. The initiative commemorates the 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX; the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any educational institution receiving federal funding and gave women the equal opportunity to play.

“To the limit, till we win it. Till we look behind at the finish line. To the limit, till resistance is gone. We’ll keep pushing on. Won’t back down, they can’t shut us out,” are some of the lyrics Rita sings in the empowering chorus.

Rita & Diane Make an Incredible Team

“I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Fifty/50 initiative because it celebrates the 50-year anniversary passing of Title IX,” said multi-award-winning songwriter Diane Warren. “This powerful initiative inspired me to write ‘Finish Line’ as an uplifting anthem that reminds us to never give up the fight. It may be 50 years since the law was passed, but we are still pushing for the fundamental human right of equality. Rita Ora understood the message of never giving up within this song. She sang it so movingly with the conviction it needed.”

“I love working with Diane,” Rita added. “She is such a brilliant songwriter and collaborating with her is always a joy. When she brought this song to me, I was so moved by the lyrics and the passion they evoked and knew instantly that I had to be involved with the project. The fight for women’s equality is a global issue. Every day, women around the world are fighting to be seen, heard, and respected. We must continue to work to empower one another as we strive to make equality a reality for women in every part of the world,” said Rita Ora.



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