December 08, 2022

Sam Feldt & Rita Ora Collide on “Follow Me”


Dutch DJ San Feldt and British singer-songwriter Rita Ora joined forces for a stunning dance-pop track, “Follow Me.”

“Follow Me” – Sunny and Relatable

“Follow Me” showcases both artists’ talents flawlessly. While Rita gives it all on the vocals, Sam backs her up on the music. The song talks about having that one person that you can rely on no matter what, but knowing that they are also the person who could hurt you the most. “When I fall in deep, say you’ll follow me. ‘Cause I really need to know, that you’ll stick around. When my walls come down. Won’t be phased by what’s underneath. Yeah, you know I’ve been hurt. But I’m learnin’ what love’s like with you, like with you,” Rita sings in the chorus.

Sam and Rita Talk About Their Experience Working Together

Sam spoke about the single and the experience filming the music video. “For me, ‘Follow Me’ is all about being there for a special someone, and sticking with them even when times get tough. Working with Rita on this one was a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of her voice and work for a long time, so I love the fact we were finally able to do a song together. The whole process, from writing the song to filming the music video in the California desert, was so much fun and I hope this resonates in the track for the listener!”

Rita added, “Dance music has always had a special place in my heart, so being able to work with Sam on ‘Follow Me’ has been fantastic. He is such a legend, and it’s been an honor to work with him on this track. This song serves as a reminder for us to surround ourselves with people who build us up and stay by our side, especially in times when we feel things are falling apart. I cannot wait for the fans to hear it and see the gorgeous video we have made!”

“Follow Me” follows Rita and Sigala’s collaboration on “You for Me,” and Sam and Georgia Ku’s “Call On Me.”



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